Welcome to XM Virtual Airlines

Welcome to XM Virtual

Brief about us

Middle East Virtual was created to merge all airlines of jordan, iraq, syria and lebanon. We give the opportunity to community pilots to fly all airlines of middle east in one platform .

We aim to provide a platform for flight simmers to have a more enjoyable flight sim experience. We have wide selection of aircraft and network for you to fly short haul flight in Middle East region and long haul flight around the world. Let's start your journey now!

Why should you choose Us


We pride ourselves with the a flight operations network for our real world counterpart extending throughout the world. Our Virtual Airline is no less. With upto date schedules and real time briefings, we give you the best possible experience.


We have a huge community of like minded aviation enthusiasts throughout the world who help us to create a thriving environment irrespective of whether you're a professional pilot or a beginner.


We are powered by iCrew™ v4 LITE. One of the best possible IT infrastructure in the Virtual Aviation world. Our system is feedback driven and hence constantly updated round the years. Absolutely the best!

With from the founder's desk

Dear Aviator,

I created this XM Virtual Airlines for one thing and that is for fun. I want all who are members and who join us to have fun. We do have rules but we are not as strict as some VA's in regards to realism. Our staff are there to help you in any way they can. We have the best software available, iCrew V4, smartCARS and forum by phpBB. We have partners with IVAO XM division. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions from our loyal members. See you in the Virtual Skies

- Mohammed Alsadi

Founder & Cheif Executive Officer

More than 5 airlines to fly
Schedules to choose from
Fleet Strength
Bigger, Better



"Flying with XM Virtual is a rewarding experience as most of the airlines available in XM VA can be flown here. The pilot progression system will surely motivate you to fly more!"

by Ahmed Dayeh

"A virtual airline with diversity of Middle East airlines to choose from. The schedules are updated and it is fun to fly with them "

by Tareq Zyadeh

"Realistic schedules, great user interface and a great support network is why I'm still here. Looking to continue in many more years to come."

by Shoib

Supported Flight Simulators

We support almost all available simulators. No matter which flight simulator you use, your expereince will be impeccable on all.

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Without our partners, we wouldn't be able to produce the "best" experience for you